Woody Allen: A Documentary

By Ronan Doyle's

Robert Weide's documentary premiered in a 113 minute cut in cinemas across Europe in the last two months, such was its success on American television. The complete 192 minute film is a revelatory experience, combining candid interviews with the legend himself with clips from his films aplenty to give a wide overview of one of the most continuously prolific careers in cinematic history. The first part, running 110 minutes, follows Allen's life all the way up to Stardust Memories, incorporating a good deal of material fans of his from film only will be delighted to see. The second part covers more in less time, thus making the piece as a whole feel a little less than comprehensive (some titles don't even get a mention, including—wisely—What's Up TIger Lily?), but Weide paints a significant portrait of a significant artist that should please the uninitiated and devoted alike. If nothing else, it instils a distinct hunger to rush off and watch the likes of Manhattan, and when has that ever been a bad thing?

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