Woody Allen: A Documentary

By Joshua Brunsting

Woody Allen: A Documentary (Available Friday on Netflix Instant)

Directed by Robert Weide, Woody Allen: A Documentary is an interesting little beast. Looking at the life, times and work of one Woody Allen, in what is at this point, the definitive biography of the artist. Looking at all aspects of his life, from his writing work to his iconic filmography, the film is quite dense, clocking in at roughly three hours in length, but it is an absolute must watch for cinephiles and Woody Allen nuts alike. Featuring interviews with Allen himself, as well as the handful of people he has touched throughout his life and his work. Basically playing as a cinematic equivalent of Allen’s conversations with Stig Bjorkman in his “Woody Allen On Woody Allen” book, this is really just an absolute gem of a film and a must-see documentary.

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