WC Fields Straight Up

Review summaries of the documentary

Los Angeles Times' Lee Marguiles: "A laugh-filled celebration...which features a delicious assortment of clips. The unique components of his art are richly displayed."

Los Angeles Times' Lawrence Christon: "(The) latest projet of a young (26) and increasingly well-regarded film producer whose subject is the legendary American comedians."

Newsday's Marvin Kitman: "I would recommend that the CBS comedy department be required to watch W.C. Fields Straight Up, a marvelous documentary produced by Robert B. Weide, who also did the wonderful The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell."

Boston Globe' Ed Siegel: "What is the cost that we pay for rapidly losing the ability to laugh at ourselves? Tonight, W.C. Fields gives us back that gift. The on-screen and off-screen Fields are expertly woven together (by) Joe Adamson... The clips are hilarious and the interviews are informative... a wonderful film."

Washington Post's Tom Shales: "A rampage of a remembrance... rich in content. A touching and trenchant tribute."

S.F.Chronicle's Terrence O'Flaherty: "(An) excellent two-hour documentary. I'm happy to report that it is an informative and highly entertaining program loaded with film clips, several of which are complete scenes -- a rarity in shows of this sort... enlivened by the observations of fellow workers and friends."

T.V. Guide's Art Durbano: "If you pass up W.C. Fields Straight Up, you'll miss a treat. Fields was probably the movies' greatest comedian -- and all his classic bits and one-liners have been lovingly excerpted in this special. Make sure the kids watch it."

Video Review's William K. Everson: "The Fields program is a must -- not just for its record of so much great comedy, but as a guaranteed spirits-restorer for the direst and blackest of circumstances. Fields fanciers will be delighted with its fine visual quality. Anybody who is new to Fields can only be overwhelmed and spurred to rush out and pick up some Fields classics immediately.

Los Angeles Magazine's Eric Estrin: "Honest and forthright....entertaining and insightful."

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