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Reynolds' Only the Truth Is Funny

By Kathleen O'Steen

Psychoanalysis tossed in with an irreverent sense of humor and irony probably best sums up Rick Reynolds' one-man odyssey, which arrives here after runs in San Francisco and New York. Bittersweet and at times touching, Only The Truth Is Funny is one man's journey into himself.

The 90-minute one-act comes in with a lot of hype, not the least of which is the fact that Reynolds is the first client to be signed by managers Jack Rollins and Charles Joffe in more than a decade and that it's due to be aired on Showtime.

Rest assured, though, because the hype has little to do with the down-to-basics "it's really a wonderful life" theme that Reynolds pursues here.

Raised in a household where mom was an alcoholic manic-depressive who ended up with a string of abusive men, for the most part, until she finally found a kind husband who ended up robbing banks, Truth at times seems almost stranger than fiction.

Yet this is Reynolds' life, as he repeatedly tells the audience, the good and bad of it. At age 39, with a successful marriage and an eight-month-old son, the truly wondrous resolution is how he chooses to make use of the past, both good or bad.

Lessons to be learned? Possibly, and painful ones at that as Reynolds progresses through a hazily injurious childhood through his own coming into adulthood without a strong family base, while attempting to find some harmony and balance in a world he can't understand.

Adding flavor to the various stories is Reynolds' innate ability as a comedian, as he brings situations comically to life and then suddenly pulls the floor out to remind everyone of the tough realities. Such is the precarious nature of reality.

Chasing the illusion of fame while attempting to find happiness, Reynolds explains that neither came easily.

"Two years ago, I made the conscious decision to live my own plain, simple life,'' he said. "It made me happier."

Both complex and yet surprisingly unaffected, Truth strives to be just that -- the truth about Reynolds and how he sees his life. It's such a plus for the audience because Reynolds is both a savvy writer and performer.

Show is presented by Rollins and Joffe, in association with Showtime Networks Inc.

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