Review Summaries

Washington Post: "A tongue-twisting, brain teasing satire... wicked and wacky... a festival of doubletalk and triplespeak. You'll roar, you'll titter. You’ll bubble over with mirth."

Time Magazine: "Orwell meets the Marx Brothers. A definitive satire of the obfuscation of language by government and the media."

Hollywood Reporter: "A masterful send-up of political cover-up... perfectly pitched to catch the TV-i-zation of private morality into public carny act... an acidly funny show."

Daily Variety: "Delightful fun... biting parody... the dialogue is priceless."

New York Newsday: "A masterpiece of political satire... a spectacular 90 minutes of television craftsmanship... an amazing cast... a timeless quality. This is Gelbart at his finest."

T.V. Guide: Perfectly parodies every Congressional hearing and Washington scandal ever."

N.Y. Daily News: "A grand-slam spoof!"

USA Today: "Lovingly fractures the language as it mercilessly skewers the gasbag pomposity of politicians. The jokes and puns fly furiously, performed by a gallery of pros."

Entertainment Weekly: "Best Television Movie of 1992."

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