The following is an alphabetical list of interview subjects who were filmed exclusively for "The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell:"

  • Woody Allen: Director, comedian, Marx fan, friend of Groucho's.
  • Irving Brecher: Wrote Marx films "At the Circus" (1939) and "Go West" (1940).
  • Dick Cavett: Television personality, comedian, author. Personal friend of Groucho's.
  • George Fenneman: Announcer, "straightman" on Groucho’s television program, "You Bet Your Life."
  • George Folsey: Cameraman on Marx’s first two pictures, "Coconuts" (1929) and "Animal Crackers" (1930).
  • Charlotte Granet: Marx family friend.
  • Margaret Irving-James: Actress. Co-starred with the Marxes on Broadway in "Animal Crackers" (1928 ) and later in the motion picture of the same name (1930).
  • Robert Klein: Actor, comedian, Marx fan and friend of Groucho’s.
  • Norman Krasna: Hollywood and Broadway writer. Close friend of Groucho’s who collaborated with him on a Broadway play and a motion picture.
  • Arthur Marx: Son of Groucho Marx. Television comedy writer.
  • Bill Marx: Harpo’s son.
  • Bob Marx: Gummo Marx’s son.
  • Maxine Marx: Chico Marx’s daughter.
  • Nat Perrin: Comedy writer. Wrote on three early Marx pictures. Family friend.
  • Robert Pirosh: Co-writer (with George Seaton) on Marx’s two most successful films, "A Night At The Opera" and "A Day At The Races."
  • Morrie Ryskind: Co-wrote with George Kaufman the Broadway shows "Coconuts" (1927) and "Animal Crackers" (1928). Adapted both to screen. Also co-wrote with Kaufman "A Night At The Opera" (1935) and scripted "Room Service" (1938). Remained friends with all the brothers.
  • David Steinberg: Comedian, film and TV director. Personal friend of Groucho’s.

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