Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season Five

Review summaries of the HBO series' fifth season

Hollywood Reporter: Emmy winner Bob Weide supplies his usual brilliant direction. ''Curb'' remains a triumph of form and substance as it kicks off season five looking (even) fresher and more clever. The episodes in the newest batch match the best of the comedy's effortlessly witty, semi-improv spirit. The opener, ''The Larry David Sandwich,'' mines laughs, and plenty of them. Weide also directs the third seg, ''The Christ Nail,'' which is as sacrilegious as it is uproarious. It's likewise one of the best ''Curbs'' ever, not to be missed.

Rolling Stone: The best sitcom on TV. ''Curb'' remains one of weekly television's high points: a truly funny show that cuts so deeply into the twisted lines of morality, ethics and self-delusion that it can be nearly as painful as it is hilarious. Great absurdist yuks.

New York Newsday: Comic genius… glorious inanity. ''Curb'' defiantly remains the funniest show on television. Brilliant.

San Francisco Chronicle: (Wild applause – Highest Rating) A beautiful, cathartically hilarious and wince-inducing crash of comedic genius, perfecting the art of uncomfortable comedy. Let the wincing begin.

New York Daily Sun: (Weide’s Emmy-nominated episode) ''The Christ Nail'' achieves new levels of mayhem and insanity. (''Curb's'') followers will love ''The Christ Nail'' for its rampant political incorrectness, not to mention its obsession with bra size.

Boston Globe: As sharp as ever. You'll wince with pleasure.

Boston Herald: David's in fine form. Clueless as ever.

Time Out New York: We're beyond thrilled by the return of Larry David's glorious misanthropy … already has us dreading its departure.

Hartford Courant: Top-notch comedy.

Forth Worth Star Telegram: Surely there are other sights on television as painful and pleasurable as Larry David in mid-squirm splendor. I just can't think of any.

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