Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season Four

Review summaries of the HBO series' fourth season

Hollywood Reporter: There are still so many hilarious moments and inspired performances that watching is a sheer joy. Whether CYE is the best, or simply one of the best, comedies on TV is a matter for debate. What isn't debatable is that it continues to live up to its high standards, reliably providing laughs from start to finish.

New York Post: CYE has lost none of its edge as it begins its fourth season. In fact, it seems to gain ''edge'' with every episode. It is so discomfiting at times that you almost want to look away. But you don't dare, because then you'll miss something extraordinary.

Phil Gallo, Variety: CYE retains its place as the funniest of the funny on television today. …continues to generate endless laughs. Direction by Robert B. Weide of the largely improvised segs has the crispness of the show's best episodes (e.g., ''The Doll,'' the restaurant opening).

David Bianculli, New York Daily News (12/30/03): A welcome arrival. The best sitcom since ''Seinfeld'' returns. The improv nature of ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' is so good that it's unnoticeable. Robert B. Weide and the show's other directors seem to capture everything - no easy feat when lines are made up on the spot.

Hartford Courant: TV's darkest and funniest sitcom. There's no end to the laughs.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: CYE is the most fearless half-hour of comedy on television.

Boston Globe: Cringe comedy at its giddiest best.

Boston Herald: CYE is still one of television's most outrageous cutting-edge sitcoms, one that doesn't rely on frisky babies, freaky kids or wacky next-door neighbors.

The Oregonian: There's a brilliance to this show that is nothing short of inspiring. And it keeps getting better. I've seen literally every episode of CYE but I swear, the fourth episode of this season (''The Weatherman'') is funnier than all of them.

Oakland Tribune: The cleverest half-hour on cable. (An) embarrassment of riches.

Detroit News and Free Press: Oh, sweet comic hallelujah, CYE is back! The most original American comedy creation since ''Seinfeld'' and ''The Larry Sanders Show'' returns for a fourth season of wigged out, wickedly sardonic and largely improvised amusement. It's no surprise that television critics have embraced CYE with waves of rapturous praise… a masterpiece… subversive genius… an amazing feat… astonishing comic dexterity. With big laughs and inspired twists of spontaneous wit, ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' remains a true original.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Oh, the humor. Oh, the pain. HBO's cringe-inducing comedy returns, and it still has that unique ability to make you laugh through your wincing. Or wince through your laughing. It's the closest thing to a successful ''Seinfeld'' spinoff on the air. For that alone, we can muster a good bit of enthusiasm.

New York Sun: Thank God for Larry David, who has been supremely blessed with an understanding of the comedy of manners that defines our lives. CYE represents the finest of what TV comedy has to offer - incomparable character studies told by writers working at the top of their game.

US News & World Report: Wickedly funny.

San Francisco Chronicle: Comic genius… One of television's funniest series… pants-wettingly funny … unparalleled at making daring comedy squeamishly funny… riotous humor. No other American sitcom even dares to search for laughter in the forbidden, wince-inducing crevices of daily life. What other show would even attempt to pull that off? Get your VCRs and your TiVo's primed, because going into the new year this kind of comic quality is unprecedented.

Atlanta Journal: You won't need to curb your enthusiasm for ''Curb Your Enthusiasm.'' Kicking off its fourth season, the comedy is as funny as ever… a merry misanthropic treat.

David Bianculli, NY Daily News, on the Season 4 Finale: ''Curb'' is a brilliant mix of freewheeling improvised dialogue and tightly plotted story lines. Superbly funny. Curbing enthusiasm for a show this clever is next to impossible.

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