Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season Three

Review summaries of the HBO series' third season

Tom Shales, Washington Post (9/14/02): Franz Kafka might possibly come up with a TV series along the lines of, ''Curb Your Enthusiasm,'' the largely improvised and hugely hilarious comedy that returns in splendor for a new season. CYE is not really a sitcom but a long serialized comic novel for television, one that not only Kafka but Woody Allen could take pride in having created.

Director Robert B. Weide … and everyone else involved … seems to be working in perfect harmony with David and thereby producing the equivalent of a gorgeously dissonant jazz symphony. Or maybe it's just a darn funny show put together by proverbial consummate old pros. Regardless, each episode of ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' flies by in a dizzying blur of neurotic delight.

If we gave out stars with reviews around here, and we don't because it's dumb, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" wouldn't get four; it would get four hundred.

David Bianculli, NY Daily News: Director Robert B. Weide gets great stuff out of the cast… (who are) so skilled at this unusual manner of filmmaking that ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' feels almost like reality TV. This inventive recipe for comedy keeps getting richer. In fact, these new ''Curb'' episodes are so much funnier than any of the new fall sitcoms, it's not even funny. If you know what I mean.

Brian Lambert, St. Paul Pioneer Press: Excruciatingly hilarious. I haven't found a critic who doesn't think it's excellent, if not the funniest thing on TV.

USA Today: A hilarious salute to horrible behavior.

Entertainment Weekly: Grade A. A neurotic thriller of epic proportions.

Variety: A scream… ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' is a hilarious blend of the bleak and the brilliant. Good as ''Curb'' has been, this 10-episode season should be the year it gets recognized as HBO's finest comedy.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: TV's best comedy.

Chicago Tribune: CYE is as funny… as anything on TV.

SF Chronicle: (9/13/02): Easily the funniest half-hour on TV. It's amazing how great this show can be.

Newark Star-Ledger (9/13/02): Just about perfect.

Florida Sun-Sentinel: Arguably TV's finest sitcom. Deserves to be appointment viewing.

New Orleans Time-Picayune: A laugh-out-loud blend of reality, wit and absurdist humor. Ingenious mix of cinema verite and sitcom.

Salt Lake City Tribune: The best show currently on HBO. Sometimes brilliant, always edgy and never dull.

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