Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season Two

Review summaries of the HBO series' second season

Howard Rosenberg, L.A. Times (9/11/01): As funny and seductively bent and neurotic as last season. A series whose loping rhythms and improv tone are distinctive, and its writing often a sophisticated howl.

Mike Duffy, Detroit Free Press (9/11/01): Brilliantly warped. Sheer comic genius. The funniest and most fiercely original comedy on television. This wonderful whacked out show returns for a second season and not a moment too soon. Smart, devilishly twisted. The laughs are large and frequent. With a show this good, there's absolutely no need to curb your enthusiasm.

Rosenberg, L.A. Times (11/02/01) Re: "The Doll" Episode for which Weide received a directing Emmy nomination: An especially hilarious episode. In three decades of monitoring TV, I've seen nothing funnier than this latest half-hour.

New York Times: Impeccable in its comic complexity and sophistication. Even more of a tour de force than "Seinfeld."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Sheer brilliance. There is no funnier comedy on the air.


San Antonio Express-News: If you have a single half-hour to spare, this is the show you should watch.

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